Enjoy the Outdoors in an Attractive, High-Performance Screen Room

Screen Rooms Des Moines IADo you value being able to enjoy the outdoors from the comfort of your home? If so, turn to Sunroom Escapes to have a screen room installed. Rather than offering run-of-the-mill screen room additions, we install gorgeous screen enclosures from leading manufacturer TEMO. In fact, we’re the exclusive dealer for TEMO in the Des Moines, Iowa, area, so we are your go-to choice if you want the best screened-in porch on the market.


TEMO screen rooms are built to last with durable materials, including high-performance roofing. They can also be fitted with tempered glass sashes to increase energy efficiency in the fall when the weather starts to get cold. And they are available in two attractive styles:

  • Studio – a standard design with a gently pitching roof
  • Low cathedral – features a vaulted ceiling to increase interior space

The Ultimate Upgradeable Screen Room

For many homeowners, one of the biggest reasons for choosing Sunroom Escapes, and the TEMO products we install, is being able to select an upgradeable screen room. This innovative design offers all the benefits and features of a screen room, but with sashes that can be conveniently upgraded to glass windows, transforming your screen room into a sunroom that you can enjoy all year long. You can make the most of your screen room for as long as you like, and then upgrade to a sunroom whenever you choose. And, since you’ll only have to install new windows, upgrading from a screen room to a sunroom is a more affordable investment than installing a sunroom from the ground up.

Make Your Home Your Getaway

At Sunroom Escapes, our goal is to deliver best-in-class outdoor living solutions for our valued customers. When you turn to us for a custom screen room, you’ll enjoy working with our owner, who is highly experienced and will ensure that your new screen enclosure is built with the utmost craftsmanship and exceeds your expectations.

We’re excited to build a screen room addition for you, not just because we know that it will greatly improve your enjoyment of your home, but also because of its future potential—your TEMO screen room can be upgraded to a gorgeous sunroom down the line when you’re ready to make another well-placed investment in your home.

To learn more about having a screen room installed at your home in the Des Moines, IA, area, contact the professionals at Sunroom Escapes today.

“Thanks to the sunroom that Sunroom Escapes built for me, I can now enjoy all four of Iowa's sometimes extreme seasons in comfort. I am very pleased with this company - they are professional, polite and always willing to promptly answer any questions that I have.”

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